Slate roofing has been around for centuries, and it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful roofing materials featured on many of the greatest landmarks. It is one of the most weather-resistant options you can put on your roof. It is quarried and cut into thin individual shingles and installed with nails. Natural variations in color, pattern and edge shape give slate an organic and tactile quality that’s simply unmatched by other synthetic roofing products.

Slate can last for over a century, but with that longevity comes much weight — nearly twice as much per square feet as asphalt shingles. Some roofs may require additional framing before it’s suitable for slate shingles. Installing a slate roof today can cost much less. On traditional slate roofs, half of each piece is tucked underneath the piece above it to insulate & waterproof. Manufacturers have developed new processes that replace the 50% piece with waterproofing material adjoined to the slate.

Slate comes in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses. Your Alpha Guru will help you choose 2 or 3 different stone colors and pattern them to create a masterpiece on your roof. Stone base colors are mixed between black, grey, dark green, purple. .

For those going for different effects, they can juggle with the thickness of shingles, creating a textured look. Slate roofs are not for everybody, but they add significant value to a property, due to their timelessness, durability and class. Slate roofs outlast other roofing materials by 3 times or more which produces less waste for the environment.