Alpha Construction was developed with some simple principles in mind. Chasing storms and soliciting is not the way to run or grow a successful business. At Alpha, we believe in gaining business through Business Networking, customer referrals and being active in our community. All of our staff and contractors live in the community and don’t travel to the nearest storm like many “storm chasers” in our industry.

We try and help our customers with one key thought in mind.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

In other words, we want to identify the problem before there is a leak. We monitor all of our customers’ properties even after we have completed the work.

Insurance Work?

Most people will need to file an Insurance Claim about once every 10-15 years.

We file claims every day and know the process inside and out. We know the nuances of each major insurance carrier and what they are looking for. We help all our customers determine if it’s the right time to file a claim, and we help walk them through the entire process, making sure they have the best representation possible.

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