Residential Roofing

Working with residential clients is where we got our start.  After THOUSANDS of successful residential projects completed we have learned much along the way.  This experience has allowed us to grow and continually improve our systems and processes.

Whether you have sustained storm damage to your home, or are ready to make an improvement on your own, we can make a potentially difficult project seem much easier to do simply because we’ve done so many before!

We believe that when you offer only top grade building materials, and use experienced, professional installers great results will occur.  Too often, other contractors will use factory seconds, or off brand materials and day laborers to make a few extra dollars on your project.

Because of our size and the fact that we purchase several million dollars worth of building materials a year, gives us special buying power the little guys just don’t have.  So in effect, you get the really good stuff for the regular price.  We don’t take shortcuts, we don’t need to.

Can you imagine having thousand of roofs all over the nation that were produced on the cheap? We can’t. Our phone would ring off the hook every day! Yes we have a service line, and yes we get a few calls from time to time, and that’s the way we like it. Hopefully you agree.

One of the biggest differences you get when you choose Alpha is our people.  Our outside reps are employees, not 1099 independent contractors.  We provide Health, dental, vision, and life insurance to attract a higher caliber employee than the competition does.  Because they are employees we also get to have more control and direction of their daily activities.

The vast majorities of our competitors’ use independents, and have very limited controls in place, so you have to “Roll the dice” to see who you’ll be working with, and how that will turn out. (VERY SCARY considering your home is the “test subject”)

All our clients can expect to work with a professional representative that has been background checked, fully trained, and is fully insured for your protection.

Don’t take any unnecessary risks by letting an uninsured independent contractor rep on your roof.  If they get hurt on your property, you are at great risk!

Please review our residential photo gallery at the top of this page and read some of the customer testimonials from our valued past customers. We are delighted that you are considering us for your project. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you!