Work with your neighbor, not a marketer

Alpha Construction group is one of North Texas’ leading roofing companies. We service Dallas Roofing, Roofing Highland Park, Park Cities, South Lake, and more  Getting here was not easy. Getting here took a strict adherence to our clients. Many roofing companies look at clients with the “one a done” philosophy, knowing that when they are done with your roofs chances are that you will part ways and never see them again.

What is the Alpha Leader Mentality?

Our goal at the end of the day is to be the best, not the biggest, roofing company, within the North Texas Community. In business, you have to earn leadership from your following.

In the Dallas roofing business, this translates to doing what Alpha Construction does best: looking after our customers. We build our business through referrals to get to the next sale. Our dedication does not waver like other Dallas roofing companies who know that when the job is completed, it will be years before you need them again. Dallas Roofing is an easy business to get into that many companies view customers as a “one and done” just to get new business. When you want to put in a new roof several years down the road, we want you to call us again.

Transformational vs. Transactional Leadership

How did we get to the Alpha Mentality? We follow the doctrine of Transformational Leadership in business, focusing on long term results rather than the quick sale that many transactional companies follow.
How many times have you been cornered into buying something you didn’t need? Too many businesses follow the other doctrine called Transactional Leadership, where they are simply concerned with maintaining the normal flow of operations to keep the company & expense budgets afloat. Transactional leaders use disciplinary power and an array of sales incentives to motivate employees to bring in income. They are rewarded for completing jobs in the blink of the eye, without really analyzing how to do the job for the customer. A transactional leader generally does not think long term on how to guide a business to become a leader position of market leadership, rather a transactional leader only cares about making sure everything flows smoothly today.
A transformational business goes beyond managing day-to-day operations and focuses on the long term key to success. It looks more closely at improving collaboration with quality customers & stakeholders, such as insurance companies. Transformational businesses promote change for the better. Transformational businesses remember their customers, setting them apart. A transformational business drives to ensure everything is handled in such a way that you become a repeat customer.

Alpha Leadership Recognition

An Alpha Leader does what is best for the client. An Alpha Leader is there for the community & does not leave for the next opportunity. An Alpha Leader knows how to do the job with the highest quality.

If you’re a customer who was not a referral to us, we certainly hope that you will give us a call to see if you will make us your referral for years down the road. Highland Park | Park Cities | South Lake | West Lake | DFW | Dallas | Austin | Houston | Texas.